Welcome to St. Clare of Assisi Episcopal Church

St. Clare’s is a growing, inclusive, service oriented faith family.   We welcome  All (yes, we really mean all! Old, young, straight, LGBTQ, life time church goers, first timers, those who question…. ALL) who are trying to find meaning and purpose and fellowship in a world that often seems broken.

Worship at St. Clare's

Sunday Morning Eucharist

10:00 a.m.

What’s it like to worship at St. Clare’s?

People often say it is relaxed, but reverent. We gather, we sing, we listen, we pray, and we share in a holy meal. When we’re done, we go out into the world to do the work God has given us to do.

We celebrate Holy Communion almost every Sunday and all are welcome at the table. While it is generally understood that a person be baptized in order to receive the bread and wine, we do not check credentials at the door. This may be the very meal you have hungered for all your life! If that’s the case, please know you are welcome.

On the first Sunday of the month we offer healing prayers with anointing. And on the last Sunday of each month we all worship in a multi-generational style that teaches us that all of us together are the body of Christ.

Occasionally instead of hearing a sermon, we explore the Gospel by engaging in acts of service to the greater community. We have prepared meals for our local Winter Shelter and Food Bank’s Soup Kitchen, made hanging flower baskets for our neighbors, and assembled Blessing Bags for our homeless neighbors and school backpacks for Snoqualmie Valley students in need.

As an Episcopal Church, we are known by our liturgy or our style of worship. We stand up, we sit down, and we come forward to the altar because the bodies God gave us are meant to move as we worship. We follow a set of readings that take us through almost all the scriptures in a three-year cycle. We also laugh and sometimes weep, knowing God shares in our joys and our sorrows. Our worship takes us through the Christian year seasonally beginning with Advent and moving on to Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Holy Week, Easter, Pentecost, and the season of Ordinary Time.

To Learn More about what we believe as Episcopalians and how we live out our faith in the world,  check out our What We Believe Page. 

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