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Read lessons, serve at the altar, provide treats for coffee hour?  Lots of opportunities. Click the button to sign up.

Estimate of Annual Giving-Ingathering

All things come of thee, O Lord,  And of thine own have we given thee ~ I Chronicles 29:14

These words are often said at the Offertory of the Rite One Communion Service. They are a good reminder that as faithful Christians, we are asked to give of our time, talent, and treasure because all we have has come from God.

At the Annual Meeting on Sunday, January 22nd, our treasurer Ted Meyer presented the budget needs for 2023.

Included with your 2022 Giving Statement will be a paper pledge form for your estimated financial giving for 2023. A pledge is always your best estimate. We understand that life happens. Sometimes you can afford to give more than your original estimate, sometimes less. 

 Why is it important to pledge? Not only does it help you to set your own priorities, but several Diocesan related transactions, such a grant requests, number of representatives at Diocesan Convention, clergy salaries, etc., are based upon how many members make a formal pledge. Your pledge of time and talent (aka the Ministry Fair) will be held at a different time.

Yes, you can pledge on-line Some people like to do the traditional pencil/paper pledge. Some folks prefer the ease of submitting their pledge from their computer or phone. If you prefer to submit your pledge on-line, click the button below to be taken the form.

Essentials Closet Organizing and Distribution

Next distribution day is February 8, 2023

Contact admin@stclareschurch.org to volunteer.  (You do not need to be a St. Clare’s member to help in this ministry) 

  • It’s Dishwashing Month!  This month’s special items are all things needed to get those dishes clean.  
  •  Request for bags:  We are in need of bags for the first time in nearly 3 years.  PLEASE save your bags-either paper or reusable plastic bags- or even the old flimsy plastic grocery bags you might have around the house.  

Thank you ALL for the support you provide to our Community in Need.

Contact us at: admin@stclareschurch.org

Kids Konnect

How are You a Great Joy in God’s Life?

This Sunday we will read the story of Jesus’ baptism. Why are we baptized…..what does it mean? We’ll talk about the spirit of God, often symbolized by a dove.

Kids Konnect meets during the first part of the worship service with the young people rejoining the congregation during the passing of the peace. Youth of all ages are invited to attend.

Questions? Contact Terrie Meyer 

Knitters and Needleworkers

Our hats and scarves were a huge success at the Food Bank on December 14.  We now return to creating beautiful prayer shawls and lapghans.

   Email us at: admin@stclareschurch.org to find out our next meeting time and get the zoom link. 

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