Who You Are

All Are Welcome!

St. Clare’s is a community of people seeking a purposeful and meaningful way to share God’s love in our lives and community.  As Jesus welcomed all to His table, so too, all are welcome to worship, sing, and receive Communion, or just sit quietly and reflect.  Don’t worry about not knowing what to say or when to stand or sit.  It’s all printed out for you and we are an informal group anyway.

 BUT… What if I:

  • Am single, divorced, separated, remarried?
  • Am LGBTQ or love someone who is?
  • Am not sure if “church” is what I am seeking?
  • Am a member of a different denomination? 
  • Am an immigrant, refugee, or a citizen?
  • Have children who have special needs or might be noisy?
  • Am in the process of healing from ………….
  • Am currently homeless.




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